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      Winamp 2.91:
      * fixed an incorrect vis color
      * fixed shuffle; now, when you start winamp w/shuffle on, it returns 
                       you to the song you were at when you exited last time
      * made winamp not crash if you close it while a file info dialog is open
      * fixed jump dialogs when using language packs
      * fixed tooltip in lightning bolt
      * made video window on autoclose not stop if configured to do so
      * made in_mp3 have options for adding tags from ml
      * fixed a bug in in_wm
      * library: made library refresh properly on add/compact/etc
      * library: fixed a library win9x view issue
      * library: fixed shift+enter in media library tree
      * library: added "Explore item folder" in library`s media view
      * library: made internet radio/tv display msg when reload is blocked
      * library: added "Physically delete file" in library`s media view
      * dshow: added config dialog (filetypes)
      * dshow: added option to vertically flip WMV videos (for machines with old WMV
               codec installed)
      * dshow: added file info box
      * dshow: fixed issues with widechars
      * dshow: fixed bitrates displayed
      * dshow: added 32 & 64-bit audio support
      * nsv:  fixed title updating (playlist flicker) bug
      * nsv: made nsv info box show filename and basic info
      * nsv: made nsv use less cpu on [p]rebuffering
      * nsv: fixed mp3 decoder`s eating of the end of nsv file
      * nsv: added AAC decoding support
      * nsv: fixed vis on audioless nsvs
      * put AOD in all installers (opt-out always)
      Winamp 2.90:
      * hot new default skin, done by none other than the evil robot turned good, Steve Gedikian
      * added integrated full featured video support (NSV and DirectShow (AVI,ASf,MPEG,etc)) 
      * added library (complete with media database, shoutcast listing, playlist editing, 
         CD listing, mass tag editting, plugin API for portable devices, and more!)
      * updated Winamp`s window docking code to be more robust/extensible
        - made AVS dock use this new API
      * updated PCM equalizer with code from 4Front Technologies/George Yohng. Quality is a lot better.
      * updated equalizer default skin to show the true +12db/-12db range (the 20db was a veeery old typo)
      * a ton of new WM_WA_IPC API calls.
        - general purpose plugin window support
        - extended metadata system for getting more than just title/length of items.
        - lots of exposed features via IPC
      * updated to PP`s latest input and output plugins
      * focus/Z order change on window close related bugfixes
      * added track numbers and song lengths in HTML generated playlists
      * removed all ATL code, shoved EXE size by 20kb :)
      * added digital audio extraction in in_cdda.dll
        (needs WNASPI32.DLL under Windows 9x/ME)
      * added Alt+M shortcut for minimizing Winamp
      * added Ctrl+(Keypad +)/Ctrl+(Keypad -) shortcuts in playlist editor for changing font size
      * fixed stop after current menu item trash related bug
      * added ultravox support for in_mp3
      * made in_mp3 not display `unknown X` for empty id3 tags
      * installer uses leet new
      Winamp "Classic" 2.81:
      * updated to PP`s latest input and output plugins
      * in_mp3 now doesnt continue to play on output plugin error.
      * smaller installers because we use msvcrt.dll now
      * fixed bugs relating to files with ~ in their names.
      * doublerightclick in credits makes for fullscreen credits
      * more bugfixes (including a fix in the version update notification checking)
      * updated installer to have nicer error messages.
      * made systray icon update if explorer restarts
      * and more (muahaha)!
      Winamp 2.80:
      * fixed drag&drop from open file dialog related bugs
      * made CDDB support better handle not-found CDs/lack of CDDB installed.
      * update to CDDB ui (bugfix)
      * new splash screen
      * minibrowser security fix
      * updated winamp agent to support both winamp 2.x and 3.x
      * included PP`s hacks for slightly better unicode filename support
      * in_wave support for floating point .WAV files fixed
      * better win9x compatibility for DirectSound
      * waveOut made skip less
      * some in_mod per-file fixes
      * OGG Vorbis support for Standard and Full installs.
      * CD support back in lite installer.
      Winamp 2.79:
      * upgraded unzip/decompress support to zlib 1.1.4, for big security fix
      * improved multiple instance detection code/opening many files from explorer issues
      * winamp agent tooltip improvement
      * fix to id3v2+unicode support
      Winamp 2.78:
      * minibrowser fixes
      * cddb2 support
      * updates to mod, midi, and wav support (from the wonderful PP)
      Winamp 2.77:
      * mb.ini skin support (Winamp/MBOpen)
      * added page and slider for `shuffle morph rate` to Preferences so you can 
        control how much the playlist morphs (mutates) each time it cycles 
      * PP`s ACM disk writer output plug-in instead of the classic one
      * PP`s WAV/VOC reader (Which is apparently so much better, but we will see)
      * included new in_midi and in_mod (yay)
      * made playlist editor automatically size down when necessary (on startup)
      * made drag&drop playlist URLs work
      * made alt+delete work again in playlist editor
      * made winamp.exe and winampa.exe both much less likely to fudge HKCR/.
      * fixed drag&drop in vis areas
      * made Winamp handle language packs that lack strings and/or dialogs better
      * made physical file remover ask you for every file, to prevent disasters
      * fixed issues with using a large number of input plug-ins and extensions in 
        open box (I think)
      * fixed a small "bug" in the id3 editor of in_mp3
      * fixed the frame count bug in id3 editor of in_mp3
      * made general purpose plug-in uninstall capability.
      * new hyper-leet desktop icon on new installs of full version.
      * removed Mjuice support from full version.
      * tinyvis 2001 v2.04
      * AVS includes experimental fullscreen overlay mode.
      Winamp 2.76:
      * ryan fixed shuffle!
      * christophe added IE URL drag&drop capability
      * faster FFTs for vis on WAV/CDDA playback
      * fixes RealPlayer`s .xpl association bug
      * AVS 2.5 (new effects, speedups, smaller presets, etc)
      * TinyVis 2001. Includes fast, highly trippy "Random Intelligent Visualization".
      * Peter`s latest and greatest MIDI plug-in
      Winamp 2.75:
      * avs 2.4.9 (interface improvements, speedups, new dynamic movement effect (yay!))
      * made skin installing do better renaming (removes [1], etc)
      * some new sample avs presets (thanks to Zen-X and Marco Muraca, Frank Nagel)
      * MASSIVELY optimized directory scanning and removed multi-add bugs
      * fixes to in_mod and in_midi.
      * fixed some NT/2K uninstall issues.
      * updated winamp agent with full color icon
      * temporarily removed in_asfs from full distribution (security issue)
      Winamp 2.74:
      * fixed vis shutdown related bugs (message pump is run while waiting for safety)
      * cleaned up some startup code
      * fixed layer 2 i/s bug in in_mp3
      * fixed HTTP/1.1 + Apache CGI issues in in_mp3.
      * improved HTTP auth support in in_mp3
      * updated to new in_midi version (go PP)
      * new AVS with Overlay support
      * made uninstall use NSIS`s uninstaller
      Winamp 2.73:
      * smaller main winamp.EXE
      * new AVS version with larger interface
      * seeking for HTTP/1.1 streamed MP3 files
      * improved minibrowser functionality
      * updated versions of MOD and MIDI plug-ins (thanks Jake and PP)
      * made out_wm smaller (32k-]7k)
      * updated to newer, more efficient installer (1.1o)
      * fixed one cdda related bug
      Winamp 2.72:
      * stupid in_mp3 fix (for lame encoded files)
      * updated directmusic/midiOut plug-in (Thanks to Peter Pawlowski)
      * updated mikamp plug-in (Thanks to Jake Stine)
      * made Winamp Agent smaller, use less memory, not interfere with ScanDisk, etc. 
      * fixed some skin related bugs (main.bmp is no longer ever reloaded)
      * fixed cursor bugs - cursors are now loaded all at once (makes for slightly
        slower skin switching, but should make things more responsive)
      * made zip skin loading more reliable (and slightly slower)
      * small avs updates
      Winamp 2.71:
      * new directmusic/midiOut plug-in (PP`s)
      * mikmod update (we love you Jake)
      * avs: optimized fullscreen 32bpp-]Xbpp (not full support yet)
             better resizing code, multimonitor support
             many stability improvements, opts to evaluation compiler
             new effects, of bugfixes
             avs minimize modes work right (mostly)
      * in_cdda: reduced plug-in size by 30k.
      * out_wave: made writeall logic better and less problematic
             altvol mode in no longer fudges with global volume.
      * in_mp3: improved mp3 decoder sync (byte level sync, better checking)
                fixed id3v2 rare writing bug
                fixed in_mp3 visualization bug
                made highest the default text for in_mp3
      * made shuffle not reinit shuffletable on add/remove, it adapts randomly
      * got rid of http:// checking for file retreiving.. http is assumed
      * made tooltips and hotkeys for demand/load/play in preferences
      * made 12k fullscreen visualization plug-in for all installs (woo)
      * fixed F5 redrawing stuff it shouldn`t bug
      * fixed moving a file in the playlist and then using shift to select
      * fixed / in IPC issues (i.e. winamp.exe http://url now works all the time)
      * fixed the generic eq slowdown on silence, made more accurate
      * fixed vis plug-in installation issues
      * made workaround for bug in in_mjf.dll
      * a few other fixes I forgot to log
      Winamp 2.7:
        * mp3 decoder: better tag editor, bugfixes
        * mod decoder: too much to list. much revised. www.divent.org for more info.
        * much improved CDDA (Faster, less crashy)
        * waveout output plug-in bug fixes
        * new directsound output plug-in (very charming)
        * many optimizations and bugfixes to AVS - this version is quite fast.
        * faster playlist loading, faster playlist editting on large lists
        * windowshade visualization now has spectrum analyzer instead of (crappy)
          VU meter.
        * improved that old issue of what happens when you delete the playing file 
          in the playlist.
        * made credits less problematic (and more time based, less frame based, no more crashing)
        * made multiple-instance handling handle running with different command lines better
        * return of classic demo.mp3
        * sped up exit process some
        * many other small fixes and refinements
        * nsis 1.0 installer (http://www.nullsoft.com/free/nsis/ for more info)
      Winamp 2.666:
        * spiffier credits in about box
        * new mp3 input plug-in
          * streaming improvements (now much less intrusive)
          * fully ISO compliant decoding
          * ID3v2 support
          * even more
        * AVS 2.1 . New blitter/movement filtering, MMX optimized, new presets.
      Winamp 2.65:
        * fix to ex-m3u bug/security hole
        * improved mp3 http streaming dialog (no longer upsets AVS, etc)
        * optional aol icon in full version
      Winamp 2.64:
        * fix to proxy support for mp3 streaming
        * dsp plugin fixes
        * justin can`t code
      Winamp 2.63:
        * language pack improvements/cleanups
        * giant (2000+) skin archive bug fixed
        * promotional offers on install
        * streaming improvements (authentification, proxy authentification, dialogless
          streaming when winamp is not active, content-disposition usage, etc).
        * minibrowser start page now live if inet connected.
        * return of out_wm (WMA writer) %2D%2D lets you transcode your WAV/MP3/MOD/etc
          files into WMA!
      Winamp 2.62:
        * Generic dialog processing message loop so now TAB/etc... works in plugins dialog windows
        * Fix to Mjuice (memory leak that caused the full install to puke after many hours)
        * Winamp Visualization Studio updates.
        * Installer bitmap updates
        * Installer terminology changes
      Winamp 2.61:
        * In accordance with Microsoft`s license agreement, we no longer allow you to 
      	use DSP plug-ins or alternate output plug-ins when playing WMA files. 
        * Installation now gives you more options, cleaner.
        * Some mixed block DCT and Antialiasing fixes to Nitrane.
        * Support for .wsz files in your skin directory as well as .zip files.
        * Fixed: gdi leak when switching skins
        * Fixed: gdi object leak when using Winamp systray icon
        * AVS 1.5a6 (coming soon, 1.50)
        * fixed: make the mouseover on install listbox not, err, mess up at weird screen locations
        * fixed: the install screen that comes up always when no net connect available.
        * fixed: bookmarking from explorer should be less nasty
        * updated: uninstall should be more reliable
        * attempted fix: bookmark add/prefs display corruption bug
      Winamp 2.6:
        * Massively improved CD audio support complete with menu option to play CD
        * New splash screen (smaller) and about box effect.
        * Removed unused links stuff in about box
        * Improved Jump (to file) dialog (hit the J key)
        * Bookmarking system
        * Fix to mp3 plug-in. Now won`t stop after failed shoutcast stream.
        * Updates to URLs used in player for web site integration
        * Winamp Agent (can monitor file types, and restore them)
        * Better Netscape/IE integration
        * Updated MJuice code
        * Updated AudioSoft code
        * Uninstall icon in start menu now has own icon
        * New SuperPiMP installation system
      Winamp 2.5d:
        * New MJuice code
        * Cleaned up CDDA plug-in and fixed a few bugs
      Winamp 2.5c:
        * Full version has MJF support
        * Fixed icon assignment bug
        * Added option for old-school playlist editor buttons
        * Fixes EQ volume setting bug
        * Removed playlist editor child options
        * Vastly improved window stack positioning code
        * Fixed some rare and strange docking bugs
      Winamp 2.50:
        * Winamp is now freeware! Thanks to all who have previously 
          registered, your support is really appreciated!
        * Skin selection menu in main menu, browser in preferences
        * Builtin visualization settings are now in preferences
        * Two streaming-related bugfixes to in_mp3.dll
        * Added streamed-file saving to in_mp3.dll (no shoutcast saving, sorry)
        * Added extended-M3U/PLS support (files include title and length info)
        * Improved in_mp3.dll`s frame sync code
        * Better multi-byte character set support
        * Numerous playlist editor bugfixes, and refinements
        * Fixed some default skin images
        * Fixed some leak and GDI issues (thanks, BoundsChecker)
        * Fixed some leaks in in_cdda.dll
        * Restructured some internals of Winamp for bitrate reporting for speed
        * Added recent stream list to open location box
        * Automatic IE integration for SHOUTcast
        * Fixed a bug in out_wave.dll
        * Updated AudioSoft plug-in
        * Final WMA support for full version
      Winamp 2.24:
        * WSZ (Winamp Skin Zip) handling (simply open a .WSZ file in explorer 
          to have it installed)
        * Two distributions (one with WMA and ASFS, one without)
        * Better equalizer presets
        * Better shuffle logic
        * Better docking code
        * Better support for invalid ID3v2 tags (for people putting invalid tags on)
        * Minibrowser optimizations
        * Fixed occasional random crashes from 2.23 
      Winamp 2.23:
        * Nitrane 1.60 MPEG audio decoder with MMX and 3DNow! acceleration
        * MikMod module decoder plug-in version 1.3
        * Self-destructing streaming dialog boxes
        * Equalizer presets included
        * Cosmetic fixes
      Winamp 2.22:
        * AudioSoft ASFS Support
        * SHOUTcast 1.1 (final, released) support
        * WMA fixes
        * Lots of bugfixes
      Winamp 2.21:
        * WMA support fixed
        * MP3 decoder bugfixes
        * Vastly better DirectSound output
        * Other bugfixes
      Winamp 2.20:
        * Windows Media Technology 4.0 (WMT4) input/output support
        * All new better sounding, industry standard Fraunhoffer MP3 decoder
        * Generic PCM EQ that works on most formats (WAV/XM/MOD/IT/VQF/AAC/etc)
        * Recursion in open directory dialog is now optional
        * Windowshade mode for Equalizer
        * Improved CDDA support
        * Minibrowser improvements (new start page, etc)
        * New version checking
        * Fixed evil beeping bug
        * Fixed vis/dsp plug-in directory bugs
        * Fixed de-registration problem. 
        * Fixed a few small bugs
      What`s new in Winamp 2.10:
        * New preference system (yay!)
        * New install screen stuff (with easier configuration)
        * Improved CDDA plug-in, with auto-play
        * Improved MPEG audio decoding
          * Blip reduction
          * ID3v1 URL Comment support
          * Shoutcast URL Browser support
          * Shoutcast 1.1 title streaming
        * Improved MOD/XM/IT rendering (64 bit mixing, sample declicking, etc)
        * Totally new output driver (faster and more compatible)
        * Language package support
        * Windows font support w/ International characterset capability (optional)
        * Better filetype registration (with options to register on start, etc)
        * Desktop Icon and Quicklaunch adding
        * Customizable DSP/Vis plug-in directories.
        * Playlist editor has more intuitive moving
        * Winamp Browser 
        * A TON of bugfixes (if you`ve been having GDI errors this should fix)
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